We celebrate our 10th anniversary with a massive platform update

We celebrate our 10th anniversary with a massive platform update

A proud moment and a major milestone for the team. We celebrate Appmiral's 10th birthday with a massive product update. Both our event apps and CMS have been revamped so our solutions are ready for the upcoming seasons.

So much more than your average event app

What an exciting journey it’s been so far ...

From delivering static festival timetables back when Blackberries were still a thing, to full-on engagement platforms that bring our clients even closer to their audiences before, during, and after their events and festivals.

And probably it's not the best time to throw a party, but that doesn't mean that we can't prepare for the party that's coming - soon now. That's why we haven't stopped moving forward and decided to spend all our engineering efforts on upgrading our platform and spoil our clients.

Appmiral CMS


Our biggest platform update so far

both our applications and our CMS have been upgraded, especially our CMS update will be a gamechanger for our clients in the upcoming seasons. During the past 2 years, we've been gathering a massive amount of client feedback and now we've translated all of that into this major release.

The updates with the biggest values are:

  • Multi-Language Support
    Add multiple languages so all users can be serviced in their language of choice.

    Appmiral multi-language

  • Over-the-air Translations
    Not only do we support multiple languages but now all texts and buttons in the app are being controlled from your CMS. 
  • Rich Push Notifications
    Choose to add an image to your pushes to drive engagement even higher than before.

    Appmiral push notifications

  • Analytics & Insights
    We've refactored how the apps collect data to create a better, faster, and more reliable analytics overview.

That's it?
Nope, here's the full list of upgrades

Here's the big list of changes we've added to our framework from the moment COVID-19 stopped the music.

Mobile App Improvements

  • Flexible Menu Interface
    Switch the menu items in the bottom Nav Bar and More menu, no app update needed anymore. This will make your app year-round engaging.
  • Ticket Wallet
    Make the experience seamless and touchless with this brand new module.
    Comes pre-integrated with CM and See Tickets, or request your own integration.
  • Multiple Playlists
    Add multiple playlists to your app experience, even audio or Livestreams.
  • Emoji Support 😀 🤘 🍺
    Add all your favorite emojis now in cards, pages, or push notifications.
  • POI's linked to Stages
    Users can navigate directly from the timetable to a stage or POI on the map.
  • Improved Timetable Filters
    Personalize your timetables even more to your specific standards.
  • Pages
    Create fully native pages in your apps and limit the number of web links.
  • Dedicated Sponsor section
    Create full native sponsor pages ensuring a good ROI for them.
  • Rich Text in most Descriptions
    Add media (video, images, ...) in your artist bios or POIs.
  • Advanced 'Right-to-Left' Support (for Arabic and Hebrew)
    The entire apps now switch into RTL mode for these languages.

CMS Improvements

  • Improved Card Ordering
    Optimized workflow to manage the ordering of your cards in the feed.
  • Over-The-Air Translations
    Manage all the 'hard-coded' interface text from your CMS, no app update.
  • Project Management Toolbox
    Follow up on your app status in this handy new section.
  • Chat Support and Help Center
    Easily get in touch or walk through our Knowledge Base.
  • CMS Admin Overview
    See who from your team has access to a specific edition in the CMS.
  • Media Embeds + Quick Actions
    Just copy/paste YouTube links into your artists or pages to embed these.
  • Link Builder
    Easily connect your card or pushes to internal app pages.



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