Appmiral in times of crisis

Appmiral in times of crisis

Now more than ever, every event organiser needs to stay connected to its audience, community and fanbase. Your own mobile app can enable this perfectly.


Our ❤️ heart ❤️ goes out to all of you

The Coronavirus pandemic is hitting many industries hard, and especially the live entertainment and music industry.

In 2020, Appmiral has been operating for 10 years in this industry and considers this crisis probably the most challenging one so far. We fully recognize the pain everyone involved is currently experiencing, from artists to promotors, from sub-contractors to ticket buyers. 

Let's hope for the best that some good news will be re-entering our lives under lockdown in the upcoming weeks. It's crucial for our industry that all of us respects the strict policies, giving us a chance to save the summer of 2020. 

In essence, we see 3 scenario's that could take place:

1. By the time your event takes place, the crisis and lockdowns are over.
2. Your event gets postponed to a later date this year.
3. Your event gets canceled and skips an edition in 2020.

In all 3 scenarios, we believe it is your priority to stay connected with your community. Keep them informed on what the summer will bring for them.

Even in the cancellation scenario, it will be key to give your audience something in order to keep them linked to your brand. 'Top of Mind' as marketers like to say. Let them feel the 'bond' they have with your brand and nurture that. Believe me, it's priceless.


Keep your audience close, especially in times of need.

So what about the fans?

These are the lifeblood of your organization’s business and mission. Maintaining their trust and confidence during a potential coronavirus-related disruption is critical.

Identify the concerns of your customers. Install a communication plan that assures customers your organization has done all it can to ensure consistent delivery of products and services they need and expect. If there are cancellations, postponements, etc., make sure your customers are informed.


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Besides the fact that redeem vouchers or reimbursements flows will be installed, your customers need your attention and your fanbase wants to stay connected to you.

As we've learned from crisis managers all over the planet, the most important thing to do first is keeping your main stakeholders close and consolidate your main revenue streams. For festivals that means your sponsors and your fanbase/audience.

By now, your sponsorship reps or sales teams will be talking to the sponsors making sure the customer relationship gets nurtured and strengthened, whatever the scenario will be.

But how will you engage with your audience? We see interesting cases popping up of brands, sports events and music festivals finding creative ways of engaging their communities with exclusive content and video.

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Bridging the gap 

We see many experience providers (music, festival and sports) creating new content in order to nurture their community and light that internal fire once more. 

Typical pieces of content that get shared :

- Exclusive interviews

- New compilation video's

- Exclusive streams 

Our mobile applications are the ideal tool to distribute this content without paying additional advertising spent on your existing social media. Also, just sending them an email isn't going to do the trick.

We want to assist both new and existing clients in every way possible to facilitate the above. Appmiral is fully operational, 100% remote and ready to support your event.

Get in touch with our experts and let's talk things through.