A 'COVID-19 ready' festival app

A 'COVID-19 ready' festival app


It’s clear now that the 2020 festival summer is officially lost, time to move on. Most governments banned all mass events and the exit scenarios after a lockdown are not showing much positive signals on a quick recovery towards a normal society.


Appmiral during and after COVID-19

As a result, all the precautions taken by the governments have translated themselves into numerous festival cancellations and postponements throughout the world for the upcoming months and summer.

We see 3 scenarios that are taking place:

  • By the time your event takes place, the crisis and lockdowns are expected to be over.
  • Your event gets postponed to a later date this year.
  • Your event gets cancelled and skips an edition in 2020.

Now it's up to you to adapt to this new reality ...

Appmiral festival app

New challenges will arise

1. Neglecting this relationship between your audience and yourself could lead to a set back when getting back into the game after this current crisis. 

2. Distancing yourself from your community might result in losing customers and interest which will inevitably result in lower ticket sales and revenue loss.

3. At the same time, alternatives for reaching out to your audience - for example through social media, email, etc -will be scattered making it unclear how you're trying to communicate.

4. Besides that, reach your audience through Facebook, Instagram and all other social media platforms is becoming very costly and doesn't always achieve that desired result. 


Content as an ideal way of bridging the gap

We see many other experience providers (festival and sports) creating new pieces of content in order to nurture and engage with their communities. Typical pieces of content that gets shared nowadays: 


- Exclusive interviews
- New compilation video's
- Virtual events
- Exclusive streams, DJ Sessions, ...



Appmiral as your solution

The challenge is not only creating the engaging content to bridge the summer, but also centralising the content to your own festival app platform fuelling your customer relationships.

It's our mission in 2020 that all of our clients have the tools to keep their audiences close, stay connected to their fanbases and even open new opportunities to make revenue in a summer without an actual event.


What can you expect from our festival app?

1. In case of a postponement, it's easy to adjust all programmation-related functionality to a new date. (No extra costs if branding remains equal)

2. In case of a cancellation, together with our App Delivery team, we turn your Appmiral event app into a more community-building tool allowing you to bridge the gap.

3. Extra functionality has been added to our framework for all new releases, adapting the user experience from the classic programmation functionality into an experience that takes social distancing into account.

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Well, why don't you go check for yourself?

Our current demo application has been turned into an application that impersonates a cancelled event. We've added many interesting virtual and digital alternatives that can help you save your audience. Distribute this app to your teams and see with wat kind of new ideas they can come up with ... 

Download our demo version a festival being canceled by Covid-19 (Android not ready yet, expected release date : April 27th)