Appmiral clients at the Red Bull Elektropedia awards

Appmiral clients at the Red Bull Elektropedia awards

So proud of our clients Pukkelpop, Dour festival & Couleur Café with their award for the 'Best Electronic Music Event' awarded by Red Bull Elektropedia! The entire podium is colouring Appmiral!

Lifetime achievement award 2019

But that’s not all, Dour and Pukkelpop won another award, the Red Bull Elektropedia Lifetime Achievement. This award is awarded to people who have made an enormous contribution to Belgian electronic music. Both festivals have shaped the national festival landscape for good! See a full interview by Red Bull Elektropedia with the guys from Pukkelpop.

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Last but certainly not least

Congrats to Paradise City! They won an award in the middleweight categorie Best Electronic Music event. Paradise City is maybe one of our favourite festivals in Belgium for the moment. The unique location combined with awesome beats and atmosphere makes that this festival will keep growing year after year.

Appmiral as an experience driver

It is our mission to help festivals, live events, conferences and sport events enhancing their visitor experience. The Appmiral platform allows their communication person or teams to easily connect with the visitors by informing them using our powerful newsfeed. Our principles of adding snack-able content cards in a 'newsfeed' proves to be the perfect way to consume content. If you think about it, all the big boys are doing that exact same thing like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin, ... so why aren't you (yet)?

And that's not it, festival apps are dynamic and always up to date with the latest lineup changes or news updates when this is synchronised to our platform. Perhaps the biggest benefit or value will be push notifications. This proves ,time after time, to be best channel to engage with your audience during the festival itself, sell more tickets, make your sponsors shine or simply serve your visitors with the latest traffic update. 

If all the above hasn’t convinced you enough on our approach, get in touch with our sales team and see what kind of examples we would advise to install on your event.

In just 15 minutes, we can quickly show you around the app and CMS. Together, we'll point out your goals and see if our solution can help you achieve these.

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